Friday, December 26

Blue as the Turquoise Night of Neyshabur

The ever so slowly passing day hastens to become the shimmer of dusk, reflecting in my soul the mistery of what is to come. I do feel intreuged by this fear of illusion, for my heart longs for words unspoken to man. The journey to my centre being has started, to bring forth from it the mere, yet awe inspiring passions of creativity. The deserts I have passed through, lingering in the heat of a blazen sun. Burning, bowing down to the forces of nature. Being moved by them, strenghened to stand alone. Beginning the journey with faith. Coming to the mountains of old, yonder my voice can be heard shadowing the sun and shades of the hills and dunes. I have come to climb the mountains to find in it the heights of Yastribar. My hearts feared fire of bitter envy, yet overcoming it by the compasion for the white snow covering my soul. Cold I have become, illuminated by the reflection of life. For days, and years now I have tread this path of bewildered enlightenment. Now I have come to a place of calm in my heart, to find that I have reached the lands of great. Yet they lie before me waiting, I cannot go into them, as I need to prepare myself the final journey down the mountains. Finding the woods and jungles in them full of evermore so fearsome creatures. Yet my instinct tells me to be quiet, and follow no path laid by man, but only that that has lead me this far. Oh day of revelations come hastely to me as I have come to thee in a manner of suffering and passion. To follow where there is no path, I do need to find the Turqoise Night of Neyshabur in all it`s wonder so my blue colour may shine amongst the shades of Royalty in the lands of great.


Monday, December 15

Motorola’s premium handset AURA

To celebrate the launch of Motorola’s premium handset AURA, Amsterdam-based architecture practice UNStudio were commissioned to create an installation ‘that pushed the boundaries of design’. The piece, entitled 'Time Out of Scale' opened to the public yesterday at St Martins Lane hotel in London and Wallpaper* went along to see what it was all about.


Architecture overview: tall buildings

In the old days, tall buildings were the shape of up-ended bricks. Sometimes they may have had a tiered effect in the higher stories, but that's as fancy as it got. Now though, all manner of forms are appearing on the skyline. It's partly to do with clever construction techniques, and partly to do with developers' egos. After all, who doesn't hanker after a few superlatives, and an eye-catching visual to match?

Porsche Design - Mobile Phones!


Sunday, December 14

Things that make me go: "Ah!"

These are some pictures that made me go ah, I wish I could live this moment forever!

Johannesburg, Old Banking District.

Here are some pictures from Johannesburg, my home city. This is from the "old" banking district. It is still very much so a well and alive area of the city. There is a lot happening in the city center, revamps and promoting the city lifestyle. New Cafe`s and high-end retailers have started to establish themselves again. Even with the current BEE status of our country, things are starting to balance out.The past decade or so the city has been neglected, and due to crime and illegal immigrants, the city did become a very unsafe place. The matter has not been resolved at all. Up to this day the older generation doesn`t even go to the city, or at least try and stay out of it as far possible. Most people are very concerned, and wouldn`t see any change. Yet there is change, and we need to support this change, for good, and make it something extraordinary!
I think the city has a lot to offer, and certainly will see me returning to it.

Tuesday, November 25

Durban (continued)

The City Hall in Durban CBD and a view from the new peer in Umhlanga Rocks north of Durban City.

There is Only Now

I have thought that it is impossible for me to feel any form of love.
Meaning a heart warming experience, something that creates the feeling of security and being safe. For the past few
weeks gone by, I could say I might have come accross this feeling. It is yet to sink in, at this stage it all feels like a dream.
My dreams are becoming positive, I see beauty in things I use to, and I have become more aware observing my thoughts. Discovering once again the feeling
of excitement and courage. I only wish that in this new found confidence, I do not come accross as arrogant or harsh. I have always been someone
to bend my ways to suit others, yet I sometimes find myself consumed for days by my wondering thoughts. Thus sometimes making me anti-social, causing
me to shut down from this world. But at the same time, I can get so inspired by those thoughts, it would be as watching a blind person paint the
most beautiful picture. Or a deaph man compose a masterpiece never to be heard. I might be intreaged by the philosophy of existentialism, yet some
days I find myself converting to an optimist. Only to find the facts of being and humanity to creep back and cause my leaves to turn brown and fade, and fall off.
Is this going to happen again, in so many ways I am scared, to face the truth, to live my destiny. But I am changing that, moving on to a place I know
I belong. I was not put here to be used, abused and live in fear. I know that there is a time to scream, and a time for silence. A time of faith has come to me,
and I don`t know if I can handle the outcome ever. As this world is not my home, and its infected ways, causing decay in every way thinkable.
There is only now, and the time is now.

Tuesday, November 4

.time with my violin reflecting my loved one.

spend some time
with me and the violin.
with words and notes,
with tongues and fingers,
with eyes and skin.

with you gracefully,
with sounds and melodies,
with warmth and sensitivity,
with the deep stare,
the longing of my heart racing.

with nothing but the saddened smile of the moon
with dim light kissing the ocean while cradling
with mother of pearl foam on our face spitting
for time is a small death if I don't see thee soon

and nothing but the blazing sun,
the only comfort is the trickle of a stream
to cool down my burning desire,
I wish to come to my love this day.

yet as the day progress in it`s maturity,
I find myself dying like the wilting flower in the field.
hanging my head wishing for the comfort of rain.
Do come hastily, treading on the dry ground,
to find they comfort consumed by myself.

Come, scream, lonesome beam
strings of violins pierce my loins,
but I offer thee my spleen, while my heart groans
yet I find rest in the breast of the moon

I will sing to the moon,
my lonesome song of tradgedy,
my piercing song of sorrow,
to find in it only the zest of my desire.

Monday, October 27

Dome of the Reichstag

Dome of the Reichstag rises over Germany's resurgent capital, Berlin

Le Cube TV, Reciever Box

In the increasingly design-savvy world of home entertainment technology, the humble television receiver box can be easily overlooked. Hardly surprising that manufacturers would rather spend their time refining the big-ticket items, but annoying for consumers forced to endure the ugly and cumbersome (but essential) bit of gear in their otherwise immaculate living rooms.

French pay-TV broadcaster CANAL+ might be about to change all that, offering a sleek, functional and, dare we say it, attractive alternative that you won’t need to hide in a cupboard. But Le Cube, created by San Francisco-based industrial designer Yves Béhar and his team at Fuseproject, isn’t just an exercise in empty aesthetics.


Christian und Oliver: The moment of truth!

Sunday, October 19

bitter sweet state of mind

It is all wonderful to belong to a big organisation, make lots of friends, and enjoy your life. Then comes a day, when as you thought you`d have earned your good reputation and people respect you, that someone says something about you, a few tails get added and then some more tails, and at the end off the day you get multipile stab wounds from behind. So severe that you feel like it is the end. And maybe it is to a certain degree the end, or have you been chosen to serve a higher purpose? Thus I feel intreuged by the thought, as I have noticed certain things I have been prepared for without knowing them. And so concluding that I was prepared for all this turmoil. It s like keeping a snake in a cage, feeding it and learining its ways. Then comes one day and that snake gets released. Now you have to survive, and learning its techniques and habits prepared you to deal with this snake. It is like the owner becomes the hunted. Yet the owner, becomes the hunter. Thus what life has taught me in the past 6 years, or even longer, will get me through this time of exile. Already I am finding myself slowly starting a new page. Maybe not all as I wanted it to be, yet it is a new start to a lifetime of great stories to be told. If it all was perfect, then there would always be something to hinder that perfection. And create some defect in its purity.

Saturday, October 4

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

faKe it uP.

I have found myself moving through a very complex stage of my life.

I live with my parents now for the first time since 1996. And I never asked them for anything, nor expect anything. Just to carry on , and be who I am. That is all I want, and I want them to carry on with their lives. And it is fine, it all is going well. And no "but" either!

Then we come to work, everything is in place. The economy is down, my industry is suffering due to that, and then at the same time I feel my company is run by a bunch of egocentric mumble buffs! But I do my best to grab every chance I get to improve myself.

In my personal life, I feel I need some tender loving care. Something to fall into and just get lost in it, yet coming out the other side ever so beautifully and unharmed. Incorporating the essence of a phoenix.

My mind wonders and dream of great things, yet the practicality of it does not always lend itself to this worlds standards. Standards of which I am not a big fan of, or maybe if I lived in the 15th century they would have been more to my liking. Peace, beauty and the natural cycle of things. Enjoying being a part of a system made perfect. Yet our human nature seems to rot the mere purity of a natural life. Free from all other unnatural things presented to us in this modern day and age.

Tuesday, September 9

Making me Confused

During the past 7 months I have gone through a growing phase in my life. I have found that some people I have been friends with turn out to be true friends, caring and finding time to ask how I was. Then I could almost say in the same sentence that some I have found to be the opposite. I have betrayed people to win the trust of others, I am not proud of that, yet all seems lost in the end. As I have found that the true nature of someone can never be fully understood. The lack of communication, the advantage of playing with someone's feelings, sometimes finding oneself lost in the extremities of another's emotions displayed at random. I find this truly disturbing, as I do not feel I know myself at all. The world and society presents you with a picture of idealism. Yet the mere thought of it leads to existentialism.

At first I set out to go and find myself, to free my mind and soul of the ideals of this world. Then I found that I merely moved towards a different interpretation of my vanity inflicted soul. Everyday has become a process of dilapidation, one thing after the other slowly breaking down the wall of thought that I wound myself into the past few years.

So I have come to find myself enraged with the feeling of confusion, not knowing where to find myself in this world. I feel like dying, yet it always happens on another day.

Initial Access Gallery - 'Lightness of Being'

‘Lightness of Being’ is the fifth major exhibition at the new Initial Access Gallery in Wolverhampton. Frank Cohen, fast-building a name as one of Britain’s most exciting and extensive private collectors, has lent the gallery his neon collection, the idea being to shed some new light on the extensive use of neon in contemporary art.


Initial Access
Units 19 & 20
Calibre Industrial Park
Laches Close (off Enterprise Drive)
Wolverhampton WV10 7DZ

Saturday, August 30

Durban, South Africa

Just a few Images of Durban, South Africa.