Tuesday, May 27

Kono Michi

Bon jour tout!

I have been thinking a lot, but I am yet to find the awnser to my questions.

South Africa is a deteriorating country doesn`t matter what the news and propoganda tell you. Living and seeing what is happening day to day makes me worried and feeling why do I contribute so much in trying to make a change for the better. I would much rather give my effort to a country that is worthy of it. Unless I find myself in a "click" of superstisious believers, I do find things telapedated and wearing from it being missused and soon to collapse in misery.

I do not know how it is in the rest of the world, but to me everything seems vague and pointless. Why do even carry on running after money and find ourselves empty of moral thought and sanity in living a full live. Valued and nurtured by the very essence of beauty.

I find my existence in this place a mere whisper, as I do not feel at home here. Aboring the very existence of live as we know it is in its very own right the only thing I can do at this stage.

At the same time I am excited as to knowing what lies ahead of me. It is no normal thing, as I do not always know why I can stil laugh and find certain things amusing and funny, yet, I enjoy the moment when it happens.

This live of ours seem to lead us on strange paths, finding within it no meaning but in the surroundings we are caught up. To see where it leads us, and slowly every day finding new meaning in it. It makes us want to walk another step even though we would hate to find out what lies around the next mountain of possabilities. But we walk on.

Monday, May 26

Je suis de retour!

Ik ben appologise omdat ze niet hier in bepaalde tijd. Ik vind dat ik niet echt de behoefte voelen om elke dag, en ja, ik heb het gebruik van Mijn Space meer in de afgelopen maanden.

So to those of you who thought I had vanished from the face of the earth, I am stil here and very much so alive and well yet overworked!