Tuesday, January 13

ISCM World New Music Days 2009

ISCM World New Music Days 2009
in Sweden: Visby – Växjö – GöteborgSeptember 24 – October 4

The 2009 edition of ISCM World New Music Days will be held in Sweden between September 24 and October 4. The festival will move through three cities, each with a strong contemporary music profile. The first part will be in medieval Visby on Gotland, the meeting place in the Baltic Sea, the second one in Växjö and the Kingdom of Glass and the last one in Sweden’s gateway to the western seas and the Continent, namely Göteborg. The artistic theme for the 2009 festival is Listen to the World!

Monday, January 12

Second Solar spaceship, Germany

The small German city of Böblingen is now home to what might be the world’s biggest and most elaborate children’s toy. The Second Solar spaceship, designed by Different Futures and constructed for the Sensapolis fun park earlier this year, is a three-level, 850 sq m interactive replica of a real shuttle, albeit one better suited to exploration of the cognitive rather than the galactic variety.