Wednesday, February 27

Energy Saving

This is the most current update on the energy crisis in South Africa.

Monday, February 25

Cape Town Harbor

This is the most beautiful city in South Africa!

Thursday, February 21

Rocking beats! Yea baby!

I got myself this disc the other day, haven`t had time to put it to use until tonight. Man does it rOcK!!!

Block Rockin' Boots!!

Here`s the torrent link:

Yea, rock it up! ;) Whoo come on! Ohh, come on! Ahhhoo!

Tuesday, February 19

These are some photos from the below mentioned link.

Monday, February 18


Check out this collection of stunning photographs!

Wednesday, February 13


This is sunset over the Harbor in Durban from my Bedroom window.

C`est moi

Another one of my experiments. The theme is something to do with a cool bohemian island forest ideal.