Saturday, October 4

faKe it uP.

I have found myself moving through a very complex stage of my life.

I live with my parents now for the first time since 1996. And I never asked them for anything, nor expect anything. Just to carry on , and be who I am. That is all I want, and I want them to carry on with their lives. And it is fine, it all is going well. And no "but" either!

Then we come to work, everything is in place. The economy is down, my industry is suffering due to that, and then at the same time I feel my company is run by a bunch of egocentric mumble buffs! But I do my best to grab every chance I get to improve myself.

In my personal life, I feel I need some tender loving care. Something to fall into and just get lost in it, yet coming out the other side ever so beautifully and unharmed. Incorporating the essence of a phoenix.

My mind wonders and dream of great things, yet the practicality of it does not always lend itself to this worlds standards. Standards of which I am not a big fan of, or maybe if I lived in the 15th century they would have been more to my liking. Peace, beauty and the natural cycle of things. Enjoying being a part of a system made perfect. Yet our human nature seems to rot the mere purity of a natural life. Free from all other unnatural things presented to us in this modern day and age.

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