Friday, December 26

Blue as the Turquoise Night of Neyshabur

The ever so slowly passing day hastens to become the shimmer of dusk, reflecting in my soul the mistery of what is to come. I do feel intreuged by this fear of illusion, for my heart longs for words unspoken to man. The journey to my centre being has started, to bring forth from it the mere, yet awe inspiring passions of creativity. The deserts I have passed through, lingering in the heat of a blazen sun. Burning, bowing down to the forces of nature. Being moved by them, strenghened to stand alone. Beginning the journey with faith. Coming to the mountains of old, yonder my voice can be heard shadowing the sun and shades of the hills and dunes. I have come to climb the mountains to find in it the heights of Yastribar. My hearts feared fire of bitter envy, yet overcoming it by the compasion for the white snow covering my soul. Cold I have become, illuminated by the reflection of life. For days, and years now I have tread this path of bewildered enlightenment. Now I have come to a place of calm in my heart, to find that I have reached the lands of great. Yet they lie before me waiting, I cannot go into them, as I need to prepare myself the final journey down the mountains. Finding the woods and jungles in them full of evermore so fearsome creatures. Yet my instinct tells me to be quiet, and follow no path laid by man, but only that that has lead me this far. Oh day of revelations come hastely to me as I have come to thee in a manner of suffering and passion. To follow where there is no path, I do need to find the Turqoise Night of Neyshabur in all it`s wonder so my blue colour may shine amongst the shades of Royalty in the lands of great.


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