Sunday, December 14

Johannesburg, Old Banking District.

Here are some pictures from Johannesburg, my home city. This is from the "old" banking district. It is still very much so a well and alive area of the city. There is a lot happening in the city center, revamps and promoting the city lifestyle. New Cafe`s and high-end retailers have started to establish themselves again. Even with the current BEE status of our country, things are starting to balance out.The past decade or so the city has been neglected, and due to crime and illegal immigrants, the city did become a very unsafe place. The matter has not been resolved at all. Up to this day the older generation doesn`t even go to the city, or at least try and stay out of it as far possible. Most people are very concerned, and wouldn`t see any change. Yet there is change, and we need to support this change, for good, and make it something extraordinary!
I think the city has a lot to offer, and certainly will see me returning to it.

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