Wednesday, June 4

4 / 06 / 2008

I was sick for the past few days. There is a stomach bugg in the air and it caught on to me. From last week Friday until today I was sick as a dog. I won`t go into detail. . . for good reasons! But all I would say is that I felt like I was dying!

So, the story goes, I had pills etc, but that didn`t stop it right away. I only started to recover yesterday, and today was my first day up out of bed. I do not want to experience that again! ! ! I don`t even wish my enemies that!

Somehow, I feel my system has also detoxed itself in the process of eliminating the bacterium. So, I had been spring cleaning the whole afternoon! Thus eliminating the crap in my living space! And it feels so much better!

Thus, this has brought me to the conclusion that I am going to make a fresh start from today onwards! I want to be who I know I can be, I don`t want to be bound by the rules and forces of this world, but instead become someone greater than the ordinary. Yes we all have this dream you could say, but I know and have the faith do go and do something about it. So, I will keep you updated as to what is happening in my life.

The first good step I have taken is that I am taking lessons for my violin again. I haven`t been working on my playing for a few years, yes I played, but I didn`t do anything to advance further and become better. My teacher wants me to play for the Kwazulu Natal Philharmonic Orchestra latter on this year! It is all very exciting, and I would love that! When I have my first concert I will send anyone who wants, a ticket! :) I need to practice a lot now, so I hope my neighbours don`t complain to much! Lol!

Cheers for now!

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