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For the quirkiest designer accessories, and interior elements, with sustainability and conscience!

Rooikop (Afrikaans for Red head) is the brainchild of Zoe Willems - Eco entrepreneur deluxe!
And as her red hair was often the cause of ridicule - it is now her brand with endless opportunities! So too the humble plastic bag, despised for its contribution to the landfill is transformed, to become a beautiful designer bag

On the weekend of the 19-22 of Feb Rooikop was launched at the Homemakers expo, and the response was phenomenal!
Our growing product range includes designer handbags, and interior elements i.e. lamps.

Rooikop's Products are mainly manufactured from recycled plastic packets.
So you, yes YOU, buying one sexy bag, equates to 16 less plastic packets in your local landfill!
We will be opening a recycling centre in the near future.

We know that you will enjoy the gallery of images or visit our site (

And be encouraged! By the fact that one creative idea has led us to do our bit towards saving the planet!

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Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

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