Sunday, August 3

Couture, la joie de vivre!

Travel should be about freedom, experimentation and the wind in your hair. Time to unearth your four-wheeled friend, the mighty skateboard. You may not have clapped eyes upon this little chap since tootling round your primary school playground but fashion demands otherwise. Skater chic is upon us.

Think America in the '70s. The Cadillac - a new and vastly improved model of skateboard - has just been released. Geeks and jocks forget their differences and come together to share their love of skating. There’s a drought in California. Dried up swimming pools become dude paradise. The Goonies is soon to be released and The Ramones are the band du jour. Life is sweet.

Mix checked shirts with retro t-shirts, don baggy jeans to house necessary knee pads, adopt beanies and gilets. Channel American vintage with a twist of Canadian workwear. Hair should be tousled and unkempt – you’ve been kickflipping off a stairset, not standing infront of a mirror. Decorate your board or rucksack with some dark comic art, and voila - you’re the hottest young thing since Rodney Mullen created the ollie impossible. Watch out South Bank.

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